7 Clever Beauty Secrets Every Woman Must Know

There are things every woman has to do on a regular basis that are time consuming. We do a lot for the sake of beauty; we do it regardless of how much time we spend on the procedures (or how uncomfortable they are). Every woman will find at least one of the following clever tips useful. Please read and share your own tips in the comments below the article.

1. How to Dry Nails Faster and Easier

I’ve tried all kinds of tricks to dry nail polish faster but I didn’t know that dipping your freshly painted nails in ice water can help them dry quicker. Be sure to check these 5 simple ways to dry nail polish quicker to find what works for you.

2. How to not Fear Razor Bumps

Is there anything more frustrating than the red, unsightly bumps that appear on your legs as well as bikini area after shaving? The good news is you can fight them. And the secret is simple: Vitamin E (look for oil or lotion in drugstores).

3. How to Fix Makeup that Falls apart

Have you ever noticed that whenever you’re in a hurry, you always drop your best makeup item on the floor and it always shatters into dust? Thanks to this step-by-step tutorial on how to repair broken (or old) makeup you will never ever have to stress over it again:

4. How to Say Goodbye to Dark Circles under Eyes

Up until last week I assumed there were 2 methods to get rid of dark circles under eyes: more sleep and more concealer. Thanks to these spectacular techniques from Appeal High, I’ve found out that many more factors like makeup application habits and even the way you remove makeup make a huge difference.

5. How to Hide Breakouts

Did you know that Visine can cover a pimple? I learned this trick when I checked out these suggestions for hiding acne by A Model’s Secrets. I already have Visine so the next time a pimple shows up, it’s to test it.

6. How to Get Fuller Lips

Cinnamon, peppermint, pepper and a toothbrush. Are you intrigued? This tutorial will share a few natural and unexpected ways to get fuller lips without Botox or surgery.

7. How to Remove Nail Polish with no Nail Polish Remover

Please don’t think I am going to say scrub it off. Sometimes life calls for extra witty solutions, and one of them is to use a fresh coat of polish over the old one. It will dissolve your old coat and you can wipe it off.

As I mentioned above, do share your own favorite beauty tricks in the comments below. Let’s improve our beauty routines together!

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