38 People Who Really Should Have Spell-Checked Their Tattoos Before Getting Them

It’s one thing to be a grammar stickler, but when its permanently on someone’s body, one can’t help but laugh.

“Wath” the hell were you thinking?

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“To” stupid.

Even if you happen to be going through some tattoo-related remorse.

At least he spelled all the words correctly?

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So awesome, in fact, that the details of grammar get forgotten.

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With pain also comes realization and regret.

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And yet it feels a lot longer when you have a spelling mistake to look at every day.

At least he can grow hair over it

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Stronger, not wiser.

This can be said for tattoos as well

He’s certainly on the right track

I hear it’s sterile, too.

Your angle for a news story? A geometric drawing you’re making?

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If only God can gudge, who can judge?

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Looks like he should have “tride” the dictionary.

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Where? Oh, there.

Something tells me he’s going to have one now.

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