38 Incapable Workers Who Are Unimaginably Sh*t At Their Jobs

There are a few jobsworths out there, and then there are some people that just don’t really care at all. I think these 38 all fall in to the latter category.

1) The person who thinks these are dogs1

2) This ramp-builder2

3) This Taco Bell employee3

4) The person who thinks a chainsaw is a box4

5) This animal expert5

6) This McDonalds employee who has given up on life6

7) This person who doesn’t understand how people walk7

8) This forklift driver


9) This cake decorator


10) This billboard mastermind10

11) This brutally honest designer11

12) The person who wrote this



13) The person who carpeted these stairs (yes, those are stairs!)13

14) This mouth hygiene pro14

15) This backpack maker15

16) The person who doesn’t know their continetns16

17) This liar17

18) This party pooper18

19) This spelling bee winner19

20) The person who fitted this toilet20

21) All 3 of these muppets


22) The secret coke employee

23) Pepsi’s equivalent getting revenge23

24) This person who has been lied to their entire life24


25) The lift maker who only wanted to use six letters25

26) The medal maker that got thirsty on the job26

27) These four very special people


28) This blatant liar28

29) The person who thinks shoes go round your neck29

30) And their mate who thinks you cycle a kayak30

31) The person who stacked31

32) The web designer linguist 32

33) The person who thinks the phone can float33

34) This evil painter


35) This person, who is clearly a walking satan35

36) This person who doesn’t know what round is37

37) The person who forgot to finish their work38

38) This delicate wanker



So there we are. 38 completely useless people. At least their inability has provided us withs some humour, probably their best achievement to date. Click below to share this article with your friends.

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