33 People Having A Worse Day Than You

If you think your day was bad, take a little bit of comfort knowing that there’s always someone out there who has it much, much worse.

1. This person who will be getting in from the passenger’s side for a while

2. This person who isn’t going anywhere

3. This person who just got a cool new paint job

4. This person who’s having a crappy day

5. This person who is hopefully wearing some subtle undies

6. This person who should really consider upping their SPF

7. This woman who is tired of being the butt of life’s jokes

8. This person who will be climbing through a window

9. This person who must have angered some vengeful deity

10. This person who should have just taken the stairs

11. This person who learned that the third time isn’t always a charm

12. This person who angered a pigeon mob

13. This person who just got an extra special delivery

14. This person who has no idea what they did to deserve this

15. This guy whose pull-out couch became a fold-in couch

16. This person who isn’t going home any time soon

17. This person who’s being forced to kick their soda habit

18. This former person

19. This person who wasn’t paying attention

20. This person who now has a custom-designed car

21. This person who can’t do anything right

22. This guy who makes us all feel some pretty hardcore second-hand embarrassment

23. This person who just wanted to make dinner

24. This person who will be going home with less bike than they came with

25. This person who came this close to having a much better day than you

26. This guy who would have preferred a Facebook message

27. This person whose fast food was made too fast

28. This guy who’s going to have some trouble digging him out of this situation

29. This person who got an unplanned shower

30. This person who should give up all future sandwich-making endeavors

31. This person who reminds us that we should never have children

32. This person who is not a fan of gravity right now

33. And this person, who is having the worst day of anyone ever

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