33 Of The Most Demented Things Ever Drawn In Perfectly Innocent Coloring Books

Leave it to the internet to turn even the most innocent pictures into bizarre, sexual, or just plain disturbing images that definitely weren’t intended by the creators. Here are some of the craziest ones we could find.

That’s not a very good friend, in my opinion.

It’s still better than CrossFit.

A bad day at the lake is still better than a good day at work, am I right?

I don’t remember this Flintstones episode.

That picture had better not end up on the internet, rabbit.

I knew it was you, Snuffie. You broke my heart.

To be honest, that picture was pretty creepy before it was colored.

How did they get the rabbit in that cage? Did they build it around him?

I hate snails so this is completely fine with me.

What a wild night of drugs, alcohol, snacks, and starfish?

There’s plenty of sky for everyone. No need to be rude about it.

I really did not expect that to turn into a Jigsaw trap.

That’s the best way to watch Fantasia.

Everyone knows Grover is huge into the dark arts.

Get real, puppy. You’re not even wearing pants so we know you’re lying.

Why are his hands up? Oh wait. That’s gross.

It’s his cheat day so it’s totally cool.

Is giraffe gluten-free? If not, this is even more troubling.

Why was she strangling that cat in the first place?

I’m not sure if they’re trying to murder him or make love to him.

Technically speaking this does “finish this dog’s house so he has a roof over his head.”

The Halloween episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse got a bit dark.

The Grinch Who Stole Children!

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