30 Famous Celebrities And Their Stunt Doubles. Can You Spot The Difference?

Finding the perfect stunt double is an art. Some people on this list even have stunt doubles of the opposite sex! See if you can decipher who the celebrity is and who the double is in these 30 pictures.

1. Chandler Riggs


Riggs, 14, plays Carl on the super popular show The Walking Dead on AMC, but did you know his stunt double is a 29-year-old woman?!

2. Chris Hemsworth


Take a good, hard look to try and figure out which is Hemsworth and which is his stunt double for  Thor: The Dark World.

3. Andrew Garfield


Seriously had to look at this picture for 5 minutes because these two are TWINS on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

4. Cameron Diaz


Diaz and her double were seen filming scenes from Knight and Day in Seville, Spain back in 2009.

5. Tom Cruise


Cruise and his stunt double were also spotted on the set of Knight and Day.

6. Mark Ruffalo


It seems Ruffalo can’t get over how much his stunt double for Now You See Me looks like him. Me either!

7. Robert Pattinson


Here Pattinson is with his double for Twilight – you’re telling me there is more than one Robert Pattinson in this world?!

8. Sean Connery


It’s nice to see Connery and his stunt double having such a good time on the set of Goldfinger (1964).

9. Daniel Craig


Another Bond man snapped with his double, Craig was photographed behind-the-scenes of Quantum of Solace with his double.

10. Christian Slater


Slater is seen filming his show The Forgotten with his stunt double. 

11. Jennifer Garner


Garner and her stunt double attended the 3rd Annual Taurus World Stunt Awards in matching outfits back  in 2003. 

12. Taylor Lautner


Lautner’s buff stunt doublt for Tracers might not be a face-match, but they are sure body doubles!

13. Shia Labeouf


It looks like they got a really good stand-in for Labeouf for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Shia looks confused…he doesn’t remember having a twin.

14. Megan Fox


Fox and her double were spotted in New York filiming scenes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looking pretty identitcal. 

15. Julie Newmar


Newmar and her stunt double stirring up trouble as Catwoman on the set of the TV series Batman.

16. Abbie Cornish


Cornish  was spotted enjoying a laugh with her stunt double ont he set of The Dark Fields.

17. Bruce Willis


Seriously, Willis and his stunt double for Red 2 are baldie duplicates!

18. Ginnifer Goodwin


Goodwin posted this picture on her instagram, from the set of Once Upon A Time, asking “Which b-tch is which?” 

19. Jennifer Lopez


Here’s another stunt double of the opposite sex! On the set of her music video, Lopez has a male double. 

20. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


No one can be quite as big as The Rock, but his double for Pain & Gain did a pretty stellar job.

21. Patrick Dempsey


This picture of Dempsey and his double from Transformers: Dark Of The Moon had me doing a double-take!

22. Kate Beckinsale


Beckinsale and her stunt double from Total Recall had to have been separated at birth, that’s the only explination for this!

23. Lynda Carter


Here you see Carter and her twin stunt double on the set of the TV series Wonder Woman. Who is who?

24. Kate Winslet


Winslet and her double on the set of the Titanic. 

25. Emma Watson


Watson with three stunt doubles for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, it seems playing Hermione Granger was serious business. 

26. Brad Pitt


Still not positive which is Pitt and which is the double from this shot behind-the-scenes of World War Z.

27. Will Smith


Smith having a good time with his could-be-brother on the set of The Pursuit of Happyness.

28. January Jones


Jones and her double looked extra-chilly on the set of X-Men: First Class.

29. Lily Collins


If you didn’t know Collins, you’d honestly think her double for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was her twin!

30. Johnny Depp


The resemblance between Depp and his stunt double for Pirates of the Carribbean is just crazy!

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