$3.4 Million 2013 LykanHypersport : The Middle East’s First Supercar

It looks like the Middle East may be getting their first supercar in the 2013 LykanHypersport, and this car’s specs are impressive to say the least. It seems that everyone is taking their shot at a supercar these days, so why should W Motors think any differently?

Based in the middle east, W Motors is set to debut their LykanHypersport supercar at the upcoming Qatar Motor Show on January 29th. The vehicle’s exterior is extremely aggressive, and has been finished off with a touch of luxury in a set of diamond encrusted LED taillights, and even includes another supercar oddity; suicide doors. The supercar will be packing a mid mounted flat six, twin turbo charged motor putting down about 750 horsepower and 737 pound feet of torque, which is good enough for a 0 to 62 mph time of 2.8 seconds. Not to mention this thing tops out at about 239 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest vehicles in the world. So how much for this slice of luxury? Try $3.4 million, but it does come with a special edition Cyrus Klepcys watch valued at $200,000.

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