28 Ways To Take Your Easter Egg Decorating To The Next Level

Tired of the usual dip-dye kits and silly stickers? Here are 28 fantastic DIY ideas that will take your Easter eggs to the next level. Which one will you try first?

Pantone Easter Eggs

No graphic designer will be able to resist these faux pantone eggs from How About Orange. View the tutorial.

Black and White Easter Eggs


Of course, there’s no rule that Easter eggs must feature bright colors. These B&W eggs from Obviously Sweet look sophisticated and are easy to make. View the tutorial.

Silk Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs


Did you know you can use old 100% silk neck ties or blouses to transfer color and pattern to your hard-boiled eggs? Non-toxic and the results are quite lovely! View the tutorial.

Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs


Old school gamers will superjump over these nerdy easter eggs. View the tutorial.

Chalkboard Eggs


I’m a firm believer in chalkboard-painting ALL THE THINGS so naturally these eggs were a great find. Use chalk to create designs, write Easter messages, or personalize the eggs as place holders! View the tutorial.

Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs


This DIY decorating idea is cheap, super easy, and sure to produce the most unique eggs in the basket! View the tutorial.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs


Worried about spilling dye on the carpet? This DIY idea is perfect for you: Just grab some washi tape (decorative tape from Japan that’s made from natural fibers) and scissors, and go to town. View the tutorial.

Hipster Mustache Easter Eggs


I’m pretty sure these stylish eggs will need French names like Pierre or Jean Claude. View the tutorial.

Dino Eggs


This dying technique is really spectacular: instead of just dipping the eggs, let them sit in dye of your choice overnight. This gives time for the color to seep through the shell for an awesome veiny effect! View the tutorial.

Paper Towel Tie-Dye Easter Eggs


Soak some paper towels in your favorite food coloring, then use them to wrap the eggs. After a few hours, both the colors (and the paper towel pattern) will create a trippy effect! View the tutorial.

Garden Easter Eggs


All it takes is some dye and a few strips of origami paper to make these Easter eggs look like they sprang up from the garden! View the tutorial.

Old Fashioned Silhouette Easter Eggs


This DIY project is elegant and charming, with minimal work! View the tutorial.

Golden Globe Easter Eggs


This DIY design is for the Veruca Salts of the world, wishing their goose would lay gold eggs for Easter. You can make lots of sparkly designs with gold leaf, but we liked this world map egg the best. View the tutorial.

Thumb Print Easter Eggs


This is an adorable idea that kids and adults can do together. With just a few strokes of a Sharpie, those fingerprints can become anything you want! View the tutorial.

Watercolor Easter Eggs


People in the DIY world like to throw the term “zero effort” around a lot but these beautiful eggs live up to the hype. If you can dip a brush in paint and smoosh it on an egg, you can make these Easter masterpieces. View the tutorial.

Dr. Who Easter Eggs


For those who prefer a time-traveling sort of Easter. And why wouldn’t you? View the tutorial.

Paper Napkin Easter Eggs


Got no time and no artistic ability? These are the DIY easter eggs for you. Simply rustle up some paper napkins with a pretty pattern, and voila! View the tutorial.

LEGO Mini Fig Easter Eggs


Because there’s no holiday that can’t benefit from more LEGO love. View the tutorial.

Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs


All other Easter eggs can just pack it in because, well, just look at how awesome these are! View the tutorial.

Fabric-Dyed Easter Eggs


Wrapping an Easter egg in textured fabric before dyeing makes an intricate pattern that looks like hand-painting. Don’t worry, I won’t tell if you won’t. View the tutorial.

Embroidered Easter Eggs


I won’t lie to you, making these eggs isn’t easy. But when you’re done, you’ve got a one-of-a-kind egg you can display year after year! View the tutorial.

Ombre Easter Eggs


Ombre means “shaded or graduated in tone” and it’s a fabulous look for an Easter egg. View the tutorial.

Onion-Skin and Herb Dyed Easter Eggs


Impart a beautiful (and non-toxic!) leaf design to your eggs using nothing but onion skins, some old pantyhose, and your favorite herbs. View the tutorial. 

Nail Polish Easter Eggs


Achieve a cool marbling effect with the leftover bits of old nail polish. View the tutorial.

Shell-On-Shell Easter Eggs


Crushed up colored egg shells can add a beautiful texture to otherwise normal eggs. View the tutorial.

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs


Another simple DIY idea that’s impossible to mess up! View the tutorial.

Seed and Grain Easter Eggs


It’s like that macaroni art you made as a kid, only fancier! View the tutorial.

Paint Splatter Easter Eggs


Black isn’t normally a color used on easter eggs, but look how spectacularly abstract these are! View the tutorial.

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