26 Cringe-Worthy Proposals That Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

Proposing marriage to the love of your life is a momentous occasion that neither of you will ever forget. But these ones are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

1. Substituting a chicken burger for a ring box

2. Or substituting a burger for a ring

3. Neglecting the importance of punctuation


I mean, you shouldn’t put up a billboard with a picture of her in lingerie, either, but COMIC SANS?

5. Trying to be saucy and ending up being cheesy

To be fair, anyone who brings me pizza is more than welcome to wife me up.

6. Tagging her house

7. “Popping” the question the completely wrong way

8. Forgetting that rose petals don’t have spell check

9. Misinterpreting her wish to be proposed to at a church

10. Completely screwing yourself over if she says “no”

Even if she said “yes,” he still kind of loses.

11. Forgetting which way you’re supposed to hold the sign

12. Trying too hard to be kool

13. Not taking your mom’s advice

14. Doing it in a location that really stinks

15. Asking her before your relationship has had time to fully bloom

16. Forgetting to ask for Mother Nature’s permission

Her dad is the least of your worries.

17. Trying to be original in all the wrong ways

…and then broadcasting her rejection on social media.

18. Forgetting to check the weather forecast

Partly cloudy, with a 0% chance of her seeing your message.

19. Forgetting a question mark and popping the statement instead

But again, if you’re gonna give me a cake, you’re probably marriage material.

20. Trying to prove that you clean up well

21. Getting your family involved, butt not in the way she’d like

22. Lighting a fire in her heart, but letting the candles blow out

23. Mooooving too quickly

24. Not connecting with her in the right way

25. Just remember, if your idea isn’t spicy enough…

26. …Your proposal might turn out crappy.

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