25 Ways To Make Your Cat Hate Every Fiber Of Your Being

If you ever feel like your relationship with your cat is too friendly, don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to make sure your feline companion doesn’t get too chummy with you.

1. Pet their belly

2. Introduce them to new family members

3. Brush them

4. Bathe them

5. Pay attention to something other than them

6. Be a dog

7. Keep them out of your room

8. Take them to the vet

9. Allow their food bowl to get empty

10. Put them in their carrier

11. Wake up more than one minute after they decide that they are hungry

12. Serve them the cat food that they aren’t in the mood for

13. Try to cuddle with them

14. Use your “baby” voice with them

15. Take away one of their toys

16. Use the box that they love to sit in

17. Scold them for scratching the furniture

18. Make them stick to their decision to go outside or inside

19. Bring another cat home

20. Tell them to get off the furniture

21. Invade their personal space

22. Try to play with them when they don’t want to.

23. Be a small child

24. Be a large adult

25. Be.

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