25 Of The Most Powerful And Inspiring Human Moments In History

In a world full of terror, disease and violence – compassion is what makes us human. We’ve all seen the heart-warming moment during WWII when British and German soldiers put their differences aside for a game of footy on Christmas Day. Well, these 25 images are equally as inspiring, nice to know there is a lot of love in the world and not just animosity

1. A US soldier holds a child after she was separated from her family during the Iraq War

pow 1

2. Russian officer rescues an orphan from a school occupied by militants

pow 2

3. A medic bandages a child’s foot while his brother watches on

pow 3

4. Protestors in California help a wheelchair-bound woman escape teargas

pow 4

5. Black doctors treating a wounded KKK member

pow 5

6. During the 1992 riots in LA, this young child poses with National Guard troops

pow 6

7. People power – the city of London came together to clean the streets after the 2011 riots

pow 7

8. Protestors offer tea to riot police in London

piw 8

9. During World Cup riots, Brazilian protestors bring an officer a cake for his birthday

pow 9

10. A priest puts his life on the line as he becomes a shield between rioters and police in Ukraine

pow 10

11. A student protestor in Colombia tries to kiss a riot police officer

pow 11

12. American soldiers push a car carrying 2 severely wounded German soldiers, 1945

pow 12

13. The power of music – a man plays piano for riot police in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013

pow 13

14. A wounded protestor is protected by a woman from a military bulldozer in Egypt in 2013 

pow 14

15. Civilians protect an Iranian police officer after he is beaten by rioters

pow 15

16. East German soldier helps little boy escape to his family in the West

pow 16

17. Journalist rescues child during Spanish Civil War in 1936

pow 17

18. Protestors carry injured police officer to safety during protests in Turkey

pow 18

19. A Ukrainian soldier shares a kiss with his girlfriend, while his base is surrounded by pro-Russian separatists

pow 19

20. French soldier helps family flee during Spanish Civil War in 1938

pow 20

21. American soldiers try to help an injured dog during WWII

pow 21

22. Turkish protestors help a dog affected by tear gas

pow 22

23. US soldier feeds a kitten after its mother was killed during the Korean War in 1953

pow 23

24. A Jordanian soldier keeps a Syrian baby warm after she was evacuated in the civil war

pow 24

25. Young boy gives riot police a heart-shaped balloon during Romanian protests in 2012

pow 25

Truly inspiring stuff. What these people did is nothing short of miraculous and the bravery displayed is highly commendable. Share this article with your friends so they too can be safe in the thought that there is a lot of love in this world.

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