24 Reasons Why Japan Is Seriously Strange But Undeniably Awesome

Japan has one of the worlds leading economies, it is ahead of the rest of us in technology and manufacturing high-end goods, It has an amazing cuisine and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to visit it. Along with all this brilliance, it has another, very strange side, of bizarre trends and wacky inventions.

Here are 24 examples of why Japan is so brilliantly strange:

1) Bizarre sexual cartoon cardboard cut outs, because why not? 1

2) Slippers that also kill spiders! Hmmmm. 2

3) Giant inflatable Pokemon you actually enter.

4) Sweep up slippers. 5

5) Just for when you can’t be bothered using two hands. 6

6) I <3 Obama, Michelle masks. 7

7) What? 8


8) Very true. 9

9) Surely you would be judged playing this game. 10

10) Thats one way to take a panoramic. 11

11) Surely this doesn’t work. 12

12) Horrible! And what does every life sized doll need? A leek apparently. 13

13) No clue whats going on here. 14

14) A giant anime character sitting on the trains. 15

15) A stuffed husband. 16


16) Yeah, what is this? 17

17) Mini burgers, why not! 18

18) Anything you put your finger in is a bit weird for me. 19

19) Because the tips of your shoes have to stay dry. 20

20) Hell no! 21

21) Never eat hot noodles again. 22

22) Sex sells. 23

23) Fake egg sausage. No thank you. 24

24) A giant pudding in a bucket. 25


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