22 Undeniable Photoshop Wins. This Shit Shouldn’t Be Legal

Photoshop allows people to look the way they want. Gone are the days where you have to put up with whatever God gave you, now you can nip & tuck, change skin tone, drop a jeans size and increase cleavage in the click of a mouse. These photos show some of the most remarkable photoshop transformations of all time

1. ABSolute improvement

ps 1

2. Half the girl she used to be

ps 2

3. Remarkable weight loss

ps 3

4. Foxy

ps 4

5. MADGEstic

ps 5

6. Rolls away

ps 6[AdsWithin]

7. Purley whites

ps 7

8. Spot the difference?

ps 8

9. Perryfic

ps 9

10. Enhanced jawline

ps 10

11. Shed a few pounds

ps 11

12. What a difference a day makes

ps 12

13. Even Clooney needs enhancements 

ps 13[AdsWithin]

14. Tightened up

ps 14

15. Not much better…

ps 15

16. Still wouldn’t

ps 16

17. Wet wet wet

ps 17

18. Did she have a baby?

ps 18

19. Who knew they could make lips so much better

ps 19

20. Wrinkles a thing of the past

ps 20

21. What a transformation

ps 21

22. I still would in the before pic

ps 22

It really is incredible how much photoshop can alter the way you look, with the right know-how you can pretty much be whoever you want to me. Having said that, i’m not sure there is a big enough crop tool to reduce Rick Waller’s waist line! Give Apple a few years to come up with something Rick…

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