Subaru’s WRX STI is legendary in both the worlds of street and rally racing. Sure, it’s no Ferrari, but the little performance sedan is as nimble and mean as reasonably priced sedans get. And now the brand has announced a new more-powerful range-topping special edition version called the S208.

Limited to just 450 examples, this peppy rally-ready racer boasts a horsepower of 329 – beating out the 2018 US-spec version despite the fact that it’s actually running on a 2.0-liter turbo engine rather than a 2.5. It also offers an impressive torque output of over 318 foot-pounds, which is especially exciting when you add on the fact that this car is also equipped with Subaru’s newer more performance-focused AWD system – what the brand calls a DampMatic II front suspension system and active torque vectoring both front and rear. The only downside: these sedans will be exclusively sold in the Japanese market. Still, we bet anyone with enough gumption could get one shipped over to the States. Prices start at just over $55,000.

PURCHASE: $55,000+

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