20 Excrutiating Problems That Younger Generations Will Never Have To Deal With

These bloody kids have it so damn easy

1. Never being able to fit your CD player in your pocket


2. Holding said CD player in your hand and trying to walk with minimum bounce to ensure your CD didn’t skip. It always did, even if you had ‘anti-shock’

3. Waiting by the tape recorder to record your favourite song from the radio


4. Having to rewind your favourite VHS to the start every time you watched it

5. Having to cope with the death of your pet every few days…who cares that it was virtual, it still hurt

6. Putting an alien in the freezer and waiting for it to grow. It never did



7. Having one dream, for your school to get on 50/50

8. Only just being able to remember your best friend’s house number, then being met with the dial up tone when getting through

9. Begging your mum to get off the phone so you could use the internet

10. Once you were finally on the computer, having to wait for 5 minutes listening to this shit

11. Having writers block on MSN after ‘hey, how are you’

12. Having to watch TV shows when they were on. Missed it? Tough, you’ll have to get the lowdown in the playground at break

13. Fighting over the home computer, yes there was only one, can you believe it

14. Slowly coming to terms with the fact that you were never going to be on crystal maze, only days after finally giving up on Fort Boyard. That was always a long shot though

15. The betrayal when a slinky never reached the bottom of the stairs. Not once



16. Your hardest choice in life was selecting your ringtone for your new 3310

17. Spending a large proportion of your childhood wondering if your parents actually were aliens

18. Being genuinely confused and disturbed at what gender the teletubbies were

19. Worrying about who you were going to make you top 12 friends on Bebo

20. Finding places based on directions. Mission impossible

But it’s fine though. Our phone battery was never ending, enabling us to spend hours of our youth playing snake, the greatest game of all time.

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