20 Creative Alarm Clocks Guaranteed To Get You Out Of Bed

For those of us who are not insane enough to be considered “morning people,” these alarm clocks might finally be the key to getting us out of bed to face the real world.

1. Lock ‘n’ Load Gun and Target Alarm Clock


The alarm doesn’t get turned off until you’re awake enough to hit a bullseye.

2. Written Reminder Alarm Clock


Whether you need to jot down a reminder about your job interview at 8:00 a.m. or just like to start the day off with a motivational message, this clock will light it up on its built-in dry erase board.

3. The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm System


The walk between your bed and the kitchen is a long one, so this alarm was designed to change up your morning routine. When the alarm goes off, you’re awakened by the scent of freshly brewed coffee right next to your bed, enabling you to start the day with a cup of caffeine in your hand before you even leave your bedroom.

4. Alarm Clock Pillow


Rather than using noise, this clock uses a gentle light to wake you up the way nature intended. Once you lift your head from the pillow, it displays the time in a light-up dot formation. Easy-access controls can also be found on the side of the pillow.

5. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock


If you tend to end up incorporating your alarm’s sounds into your dream (or just not hearing it altogether), this one is perfect for you. It sounds off at 113 db to jolt you awake, but if that STILL can’t get you to rise and shine, there are also “alert lights” and a bed-shaking unit that will help get the job done.

6. Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock


To ensure that you get your blood pumping from the get-go, this dumbbell-shaped alarm only shuts off after you do 30 bicep curls. Its motion detectors can sense if you’re doing them right or not, too, so make sure your form is flawless!

7. Wake Up and Walk Mat


This clock takes the form of a carpet with an LCD time display, but in order to get it to shut up, you need to actually get up and place your feet on it. No more closing your eyes for “five more seconds” and then accidentally falling back asleep for an hour.

8. Wake Up Vibrating Pillow


For this alarm pillow, you set the wake-up time by pulling the tab on the side and choosing what time you want to get up. When the hour arrives, the pillow gently vibrates to rouse you. If it feels that your head isn’t lifting from the pillow, it takes the hint and automatically sets the snooze for another few minutes of slumber.

9. The Smile Alarm Clock


Start your day with a smile, or you’re not getting this alarm to shut off. It uses facial recognition technology to ensure that you’re giving it a REAL smile instead of just a fake one, so you’re kind of forced to wake up happy.

10. Silent Alarm Clock


This alarm clock doesn’t use sound. Instead, you wear a ring that vibrates when it’s time to wake up. You can give your hand a shake to snooze a little longer, but each consecutive time you activate the snooze function, more movement is required. Eventually, it’ll just be easier to get up!

11. SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock


This devilish alarm connects to your online bank account via wifi and donates money to an organization that you hate every time you hit snooze. Or, if you know your snooze button habit might be incurable, just set it to donate to an organization that you love and use your fear of going poor as your motivation to get up.

12. IQ Alarm Clock


Instead of a snooze button, this clock forces you to wake up by displaying brain teasers that you must answer correctly to shut it off. And don’t think simply powering it down will be an easy solution for the mornings when you don’t feel like thinking; you have to hold the power button down for no less than 30 seconds if you feel like turning off the machine.

13. Couple’s Alarm Clock


Another ring-style alarm clock, this design is perfect for couples who sleep in the same bed, but have to wake up at different times. You wear the ring that corresponds to the time you need to get up, and instead of sounding a blaring alarm, the ring gently vibrates to rouse you without waking your partner.

14. Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock


After blaring his alarm, this little fella can jump down from up to three feet and roll around until you get annoyed enough to get out of bed and turn him off.

15. Blowfly Flying Alarm Clock


Even worse than a clock that rolls around and makes noise is one that flies around and makes noise. This flying alarm won’t shut up until you retrieve it from the air and put it back on its home base.

16. Wake N Shake App


This app is perfect for turning your phone into an instrument of torture. There’s no snooze button to speak of, and the only way to get it to be quiet is to vigorously shake it until the on-screen meter fills up. By the time you’ve worked your arm enough to cover the screen, there’s no way you’ll still be half asleep.

17. SingNShock


In addition to featuring high-quality speakers so you can wake up to whatever awesome music suits your fancy, this clock also features an aluminum-coated button on top. You can set the alarm to deliver an optional (and mild) shock whenever you touch the button so that you’re both more awake and discouraged from trying to catch five more minutes of sleep.

18. Wake Up and Smell the Bacon


This app/device combination by Oscar Mayer acknowledges the fact that nothing lures a person out of bed better than the scent of freshly cooked bacon. The device, which attaches to the bottom of your smartphone, works with the app to release a glorious puff of bacon-scented perfection when you need to wake up.

19. Smash Alarm Clock


Anyone who has been guilty of smashing their alarm clock in a sleepy rage will rejoice knowing that pounding this alarm is the ONLY way to turn it off. Over time, the dents in the clock serve as testament to the strength you can summon in the wee hours of the morning.

20. The Wake-Up Light


This device is perfect for waking you up the way nature intended. The soft light gradually increases over the span of 30 minutes, simulating a sunrise. When it reaches its maximum intensity, natural sounds such as singing birds begin to play.

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