20+ Awesome Christmas Tree Alternatives

Whether your tree at home is real or artificial, you’ll find inspiration for decorating the centerpiece of your holiday home.

You can have different reasons to use an alternative christmas tree. That could be as lack of space for a natural one as the wish to make your decor unusual.

In any way you won’t lose christmas spirit with any of such trees. Most of them you can even make by yourself. And if you’re really interested here are some awesome DIY christmas tree alternatives.

Christmas toys on strings.

Branches with backlight.


Wine corks.

Drawing on a pallet.

For book lovers.

Woolen thread.

Ginger biscuits.

Tree cone.

Excellent use of the old line.

Wooden beads.



Candy sticks.

Chinese colored balls.

Beer bottles.

For musicians.

Another for book lovers.


Toilet paper.

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