19 Hilarious Parents That Prove That Age Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Fun. Legends

The story we’ve been told all our lives is that you become more mature with age. Teachers and parents regularly tell children to ‘grow up’ or ‘act their age’ but the truth of the matter is, being long in the tooth is no guarantee of maturity. This article is proof. Take a look at these 20 hilarious photos that prove age is just a number.

1. Anything you can do Granddad does better

par 19

2. ‘I swear that guy used to be famous’

par 18[AdsWithin]

3. Hope his boss doesn’t see through him

par 17

4. The old-school selfie

par 16

5. Cat in hell’s chance

par 15

6. Tip of the hat to you, sir

par 14

7. Worst april fools prank ever

par 13

8. Top banana

par 12

9. Man of the house

par 11

10. Daddy cool

par 10

11. Bright lights, bigger city 

par 9[AdsWithin]

12. Her eyebrows are trying to escape

par 8

13. He got a ‘text speak’ book for Christmas

par 7

14. He’d do anything for love

par 6

15. Probably more accepted back in the day

par 5

16. Bombs away

par 4

17. Human Jenga

par 3

18. Paradoxical 

par 2

19. Redneck inventions

par 1

This article shows us all that your only as old as you feel and that’s its important to not grow up too quickly. You’ve got plenty of time to sit in a rocking chair and complain about car parks – for now, be young at heart.

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