19 Amazing Office Pranks That Will Leave You Paranoid At Your Desk

Ever wondered what your colleagues get up to when you’re not in the office? Well, wonder no more. These hilarious office pranks will leave you sweating the next time you take a weeks holiday, I guess you have to do something to make work a little more fun…

1. We all love a Chinese takeaway

off 1

2. Happy Birthday

off 2

3. This office is rubbish

off 3

4. Back to basics

off 4

5. How did they get those balloons Up here?

off 5

6. We all love a tea or coffee at work

off 6


7. This is sweet…or salty

off 7

8. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

off 8

9. Has to be in Germany

off 9

10. They’d been away from the desk for sometime

off 10


off 11

12. Do your business while doing business

off 12

13. Let’s hope whoever sits here isn’t diabetic

off 13

14. A cup of art

off 14

15. Probably taking things a bit too far

off 15

16. Keep me posted on your holiday plans

off 16

17. Mother nature

off 17

18. “Then I saw his face, now I’m a Belieber”

off 18

19. Quite a tail to tell your mates

off 19

We probably only get one go round this crazy carousel we call life, and most of our time is spent at work. Therefore it makes perfect sense that we need to make our work day most exciting – these 19 pranks are a surefire way of doing just that. Maybe don’t go as far as letting a bear loose in the office, though.

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