18 Magnificent Double Exposure Tattoos

Double exposure is a photography effect trending in artistic photography, using two exposures to create a single image. Double exposure tattoos are as poetic as the photographies and are often inspired by them. The art of two photographers and digital artists is especially used as reference. Lovers of surrealistic female portraits would admire the creations of Antonio Mora, superimposing portraits of gorgeous ladies with breath-taking landscapes and cityscapes. Ink collectors prefering Nature would be more attracted by the work of Andreas Lie, who uses pictures of gorgeous wild animals and forest landscapes to create poetic art. But double exposure is also very close of surrealistic tattoos that often mix several designs in one. Double exposure tattoos can make true custom ink for people wanting something poetic, original and superb… Find some inspiration here!

Powerful piece by Varo Tattooer...

double exposure tattoos

Inspired by photographer Antonio Mora, inked by Roberto Da Silva.

Poetic rabbit by Mátyás Csiga Halász.

Right, the art of Mora, left the ink of Matkovski Calin.

Inspired by the art of Andreas Lie, inked by Maaika de Jong.

Mysterious tattoo by Karolina Isay.

Another cute bunny by Justice Ink.

Another Mora by Ferraro Fabrizio.

Ferraro Fabrizio again.

The portfolio of Caroline Friedmann includes many reproductions of Antonio Mora's art.

Caroline Friedmann.