16 Men Being Absolute Jerks

Men and Women love each other. Someone one side of any relationship will get the short straw. In these 15 examples it is all the women. Why these ladies put up with these men is incredible. It must be love.

15 men being total jerks.

1) And you my love, can sit on the plank. 

2) Hurry up.2

3) Row fastttter. 3

5) You alright down there girls. 4


6) Just because some one can’t be arsed to paddle. 5

7) Sorry but we both won’t fit under the umbrella. 6

8) This is a very odd deal. 7

9) I don’t care if you had plans, I need you on my tractor so I can drive it. 8

10) I’m hoping this isn’t sexual. 9


11) Let me just sit here and smoke. 10

12) Hahaha. 11

13) How is he getting away with this? 12

14) You two just sit in the cage. 13

15) Again, how is he getting away with this? 14

16) He looks kind of pathetic! 15


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