15 Things Guys should not do to Girls

#15 Don’t make her angry

This is probably a no-brainer and goes without saying. But we said it anyway as it is a very good starting point. The following reasons will probably end in this state if the rules are not followed.

#14 This can break her heart

This is another of those which we probably should know already. It is one of those things that can pretty much spell the end for any relationship. If that is your objective, there are better ways to do it.

#13 Don’t play with fire

Guys tend to take things quite literally at times so it might be worth mentioning that we don’t intend for this to be taken in that way. But while we are on the subject, seek help if you happen to be a pyromaniac.

#12 Don’t bring up the past

If you are somehow proud of your past exploits and think that they are news worthy, it might not be the news which enhances your relationship. If you must speak of such things, best save it for the boys.

#11 Think Twice

Just because she looks like Mickey Mouse, doesn’t mean you should go ahead and tell her she looks ridiculous. If you didn’t like girls with quirky fashion and hair in the first place, then why did you pik her?

#10 Just Deal with It and Enjoy the Way She Talks

This will always remain a difficult thing to bring up but again, it is similar to the one about the hair and fashion. If you don’t like the way she talks, then the relationship shouldn’t get far enough for you to introduce her to your friends anyway.

#9 Don’t put yourself down

If you think you are not good enough for a girl then you might not be. Either that, or your self-esteem needs a bit of sorting out. Either way, she will start believing it eventually to the detriment of your relationship.

#8 No blackmail

Don’t get her to do things she wouldn’t normally just because she loves you. If she does indeed love you and you love her back, then you wouldn’t make her do things she doesn’t want to do right?

#7 Don’t compare her to others

Think about if a girl said that you are just like her ex or even talked about her ex all the time. How would you feel? You would feel like she was too busy thinking about someone else to care about you. So probably don’t do it to her.

#6 Don’t mention make-up free days

If you think she is naturally beautiful then tell her so. If you don’t, then maybe you just aren’t meant to be together since you probably would if you loved her, even if she isn’t exactly a supermodel. You’re probably no oil painting yourself.

#5 Girls tend to be emotional

More so than guys (generally), girls will tend to be a little emotional. If you intend on objecting to his and asking her to keep what comes naturally in-check, then maybe you should consider dating a dude instead.

#4 Steer clear of mentioning your mother

It may seem like a compliment to you, but comparing a girl to your mother is a little bit of a controversial one. I mean, how will she feel about that? She might like it but subconsciously, it may also make her feel like you need her to look after you.

#3 Avoid money

This could be the weirdest question to ask a girl but it is done often. Before you say something to a girl, remember that she is probably not an idiot. What will she think if you ask her this? Probably that you don’t have enough of your own.

#2 Don’t borrow money

Do not borrow money from her. It is an extension of that last one. It is crap that money should even come in to these types of discussions but, if you are sharing a life with someone, it has to eventually. But don’t borrow money and don’t tell her how bad you are with money unless you want to scare her off from the start. Just get better at controlling your cash.

#1 Keep her friends out of it

If you don’t like one or more of her friends, unless they are literally hurting her behind her back, don’t tell her. And even then, best to do it extremely tactfully. She has a right to choose her friends. You want to share her life with her, not run it for her.


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