15 Beautiful Images Which Show the Weirdness of Nature

Nature can be both beautiful and weird; occasionally they’re both. Below is a list of 15 images which display both the beauty and weirdness of nature.

1. Never-ending Wave: Occurs twice a year in Brazil when the Atlantic ocean meets the mouth of the Amazon River. The resulting waves can travel 500 miles inland before slowing down.


2. Under-water Crop Circles


3. Bleeding Glacier: Also known as “Blood Falls” in Antarctica, the outflowing water resembles blood due to iron oxide.



4. Calcifying Lake: This creepy lake in Tanzania, Lake Natron, has such high pH levels that it calcifies any animal that goes into the water.



5. Steam Towers: Occurring alongside the Northern Lights, these geothermal formations make the area seem even more like a sci-fi movie.


6. Cocooned Trees: During flood season in Pakistan, spiders are forced to flee to the trees


7. Volcanic Lightening: When a volcano explodes, the amount of electrical and static charges released can sometimes lead to this firey electrical storm.


8. Frost Flowers: In arctic areas, these floral ice formations occur when the temperature between the ocean and the atmosphere differs.


9. Green Flash: This rare occurrence when the conditions are right at the end or beginning of a sunset.

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10. Lenticular Clouds: Probably mistaken for UFOs by Fox Mulder, these clouds occur when the moist air overflows a mountain.


11. Living Rocks: Not actually rocks, these sea creatures line the beaches of Chile and are completely immobile.


12. Rainbow Trees: These Australian eucalyptus trees shed their bark to reveal vibrant colors.


13. Assembly Of Crabs: Off the coast of Australia on Christmas Island, the annual migration of nearly 120 million red crabs creates quite a sight as they make their way to the ocean.


14. Ever-Lasting Storm: The mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela creates weather conditions that lead to 160 consecutive stormy nights.


15. Great Blue Hole: This Belize attraction was formed through erosion way back when the sea level was much lower.

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Bonus : Mauritius, this sudden dip in ocean depth creates the illusion of an unusual water fall.

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