12 Things Only Pit Bull Owners Will Understand

1. Even though there’s a misconception that pit bulls are vicious animals, they’re actually one of the most loyal breeds and will love their owners for life.

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2. They’re surprisingly low maintenance dogs and don’t need constant brushing or struggle with numerous health issues like other dogs.

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3. You might not suspect it from their muscular build, but pit bulls love cuddling and sitting as close as possible to you on the couch.

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4. Sometimes a little too close, actually.

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5. You may have possibly referred to him as a “mixed lab” when filling out an application for an apartment so your landlord wouldn’t freak out.

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6. DO NOT get a pit bull unless you’re prepared to be licked all. The. Time.

7. Oh did I mention they full-on smile all the time and it’s the most adorable thing ever?

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8. And they’ve also been known to give out hugs from time to time.

9. Despite what others may think, pit bulls make terrible guard dogs because they end up trying to lick and play with anyone who comes into their home.

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10. Their combination of strength and playfulness can often work against them in the most hilarious ways.


11. They know exactly when to break out the puppy dog eyes.

12. You know that, once you get a pit bull, you’ll never want a different type of dog ever again.

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