12 Texts Your Girlfriend Sends When She’s Secretly Upset With You

Guys and girls alike can both be painfully passive aggressive. It’s not just one gender or the other. However, females tend to be a bit more perceptive and notice when a guy is upset; usually the opposite is not as true. For some reason most guys don’t realize there’s a fire until the fire department has arrived. To help those fellas out, here are 12 texts your girlfriend sends when she’s secretly (or not so secretly) upset with you.

1. The “Answer Without Actually Giving An Answer”

2. The “On Second Thought” (The longer amount of time between the “yep” and the “actually” text is the more she’s thought about it and the more furious she has become)

3. The “Interrogation Disguised As Whimsical Curiosity”

4. The “You’d Better Be Getting A Chance To Call ASAP Or They’ll Be Hell To Pay”

5. The “Interpretation Of What You Really Mean”

8. The “Why Don’t You Have A Seat Over Here”

9. The “Twitching Eye That Contains So Much Fury It Turns Into An Evil Laugh”

10. The Alanis Morissette “You Oughta Know”

11. The Stealth Mode (If she turns on the “read” notifications to let you know that she’s seeing your texts and choosing not to respond, you’re pretty much dead)

12. The “One Republic featuring Timbaland”

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