1. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s far too adventurous. You might have a hard time getting her to sit still for any length of time. She is always looking for the next adventure, no matter what the size. It could be an afternoon hiking, or a two week trip abroad. You might have to beg her to settle down and spend a night in on the couch.

2. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s way to easy-going. She can recognize a truly bad situation, so she won’t sweat the small stuff. She won’t let bad weather or broken gear slow her down. She doesn’t spook easily and she understands the human body, although, she might still giggle when you pass each other on the path to the thunder box. She knows how tough the daily grind can be and she is comforted by simply escaping to the outdoors. She’ll probably drag you along.

3. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s up for trying new things. It comes with her adventurous nature. If she is a weekend warrior you will find her at work on a Wednesday dreaming of new gear and rivers to run. She will happily hop in the car and take off to anywhere with you for the weekend – she was probably already booking campsites when you asked.

4. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s tanned in the summer from the sun, not a tanning bed. She’s probably covered in freckles and has dirt under her nails. She likely only bathed in the lake all summer; she didn’t spend enough time inside to even consider a shower. You won’t find her in heels. You’ll often find her barefoot, wearing a grin from ear to ear, soaking in every moment of sunlight she can because she knows the tripping months are short.

6. Don’t date an outdoor girl. Her constant focus will be on the joy-factor. She will always be considering the moods of the people around her and how she can help them make the most out of their days. She will turn everything into a game, make light of situations when she can, and can easily entertain a crowd.

7. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s experienced. She’s a leader. She will likely show you up on a portage trail. She has sea kayaked, ran white water, and has spent days hiking and canoeing. She can tie bowlines, make shelters from snow or sticks, wrap ankles, cook on a fire she built herself and make a kick-ass campfire coffee. She can lead the masses and keep them all happy.

8. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s well prepared. She knows exactly what to pack for any outing, and will rarely be found without a lighter. She carries a purse to make sure she has everything she needs with her. She always has snacks.

9. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s not materialistic. She has spent days without air conditioning, hot showers, ovens and electricity. She has come to appreciate the comforts of everyday life. She will choose experiences over gifts. She’ll be wearing burn bracelets instead of expensive jewelry and her favourite accessory is likely a Buff.

10. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s fiercely individual and independent. She knows what she wants and who she wants to be. She’s on a path, but she likely doesn’t know where it ends. That’s part of the adventure. She won’t need you. But she will want you. This girl will be able to take care of herself; she can cook, portage, pay her own bills, and set her own anchors. But she will love your company.

11. Don’t date an outdoor girl. She’s extremely supportive. She understands you are two different people, and she has dreams and ambitions just like you. She will push you to take leaps and accept challenges the same way she keeps you motivated on 2 km portages. She just wants you to be as happy as she is. She’s going to give you, like every other commitment in her life, 110%.

conclusion – Don’t date an outdoor girl. No matter what you do she’ll always be a little wild, and don’t you dare try to tame her.

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