11 Pointless Life Hacks That You Should Avoid At All Costs. You’ve Been Warned!


We love life hacks as much as the next person, but the life hack craze may have gotten a bit out of hand. Although some can actually seriously improve your life, like these, there are some out there that are completely pointless. Here is 12 of the most pointless life hacks that you should avoid at all costs.

1) Well done, you just found a way to lose your money very quickly


2) Tie a rubber band round your remotes?! Just buy a universal remote!2

3) Make your own sprite with lemon and sugar? A bottle of Sprite cost £1, San Pelligrino costs almost double that. Good job, idiot3

4) Either learn to use chopsticks or pick up a bloody fork4

5) This is an easy way get fat, stay single and create a massive mess. Great5

6) Do you really want to be THAT guy taking pictures of your mates with your almost worthless belongings?6


7) Enjoy burning your neck mate7

8) getting fat isn’t a life hack8

9) Great, until you take one item of clothing and the whole bloody thing collapses9

10) Just buy a bin!11

11) Surely your taking the piss?!Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 12.27.34

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