10 Weird Things You And Your Siblings Did As Kids That Are No Longer Socially Acceptable

As kids, siblings do some pretty strange stuff together. We’re talking  stuff that would be 100% not cool to do to someone else, but it’s pretty hilarious to think of how we used to treat our very first friend vs. how we engage with other adults nowadays.

Here are some weird things you did with your brother or sister that you absolutely have to leave behind now that you’re an adult…

Taking turns using each other’s body parts as pillows on long car trips


No one lets you do this as an adult, particularly not the stranger next to you on your cross-country flight. Lame.

Chasing one another through the house with threats of pinching or biting


Your sister got mad at you for copying her unicorn-submarine finger painting, so she pinched you, and then you retaliated by pinching back harder. Naturally, she chased you through the house until you ran into your bedroom and slammed the door in her face while shrieking for your mother. This is not cool in the present.

Posting a “stay out” sign on your door with specific instructions for your sibling


Generally speaking, “KEEP OUT” signs are considered declasse with the adult set. Particularly if they are Clarissa-Explains-It-All-esque, though I’m sure we’d all like to post a sign like this outside of our office on some days!

Preparing “food” for one another that’s not fit for human consumption


Imagine inviting a dinner party guest over for rubber band stew. Does this sound familiar? “Close your eyes and try this. You’ll like it, I promise.” My brother once fed me a porridge of raspberry jam and baking soda. This would not be appropriate for me to serve him nowadays, though I sometimes wish I could.

The old “you’re so ugly, so I’m building this cereal box barricade” trick at the morning breakfast table…


Remember taking out all the cereal boxes from the pantry to make a cereal fort so you didn’t have to see your sibling’s face? This would be considered socially unacceptable to do at a work breakfast with coworkers.

No more farts in the face


You heard me! This was the most dreaded kind of fight, though farting on one another could also be considered a strange sign of brotherly or sisterly affection. Sometimes my brother would walk up to me and fart in my face whilst we were having a perfectly good time. Word to the wise: Adults typically fart on each other less than kids do.

Waging out-and-out war over the remote


The TV controller used to be a symbol of power. Now, you probably have your own TVs and homes so you shouldn’t fight over what to watch like it’s an epic battle…though I seem to regress every year at Christmas which results in many farts landing squarely in my face.

Peeling each other’s sunburns


Gross, but 100% necessary. Bonus points if you scored a sweet handprint on your younger brother’s back when your mom made you “help” with the sunscreen. This would be reprehensible to do to someone else as an adult.

Exploiting your brother or sister’s innermost fears solely for your own amusement


You’re afraid of the dark? Let me lock you in this closet and laugh out here in the safe sunshine, where there are no monsters. Then, I’m going to cry later when I get sent to my room for doing so even though I knew it was wrong. It’s pretty unthinkable to exploit someone’s fears as an adult, but I suppose some folks do it.

Room barriers (real or imaginary)


If you shared a room with your sister or brother, the chances of you having a line (real or invisible) separating the two sides are pretty high. If one of you crossed the line… someone was getting pinched or spit. As adults you are hopefully not sharing a room or a house.

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