10 ways How to scare your roommate

1) Buy a lot o knifes. Each night play with them and whisper “Soon… Really soon…”

2) Get hundreds of pencils and one pen! Put all the pencils in one corner of room and pen in other corner, after that stand in corner with pencils and laugh about the pen

3) Tell your roommate that you something want to tell him, after that fall down to the ground, when wake up, say that you forget what you wanted to say, after some time, shout out, “Uh, I remembered” after that again fall down… Do that each day for couple weeks

4) Make a sandwich and leave it on the floor, when your roommate starts to complains whit no emotions say “hey where the hell is my sandwich, didn’t you see it, I’m really hungry”

5)Each time when your roommate comes to room shout out “heeei, Your back!!!” after that start to dance and sing for couple minutes, then take a look to the clock and ask your room mate “Hey, didn’t you have to go somewhere?”

6)Talk to your Kellogg, after that drop the plate to the floor and say that you what to see how your Kellogg suffer

7)Get naked, stand in the corner of room and start to cry with text ” no daddy, I don’t want to play your games any more”

8)When get home, open the doors and say to your roommate that your are the king of this room. Ask him to get you food right away. If he didn’t do that, take your knifes and repeat first point of this post

9) Made up paper planes, that light them up and start to fly them around the room, run after planes and shout out something in Japanese with ending “kamikaze!!!”

10) Get a bucket of roach’s and each time when you go to them, say “Soon, my master, soon the task will be done, Soon!:

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